Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little things that made me smile

Today is a good day...I have little bubbles of joy inside...and they come from such little things...
  • Being able to see my old children's class. They were having an end-of-term party today and were making chocolate cake with their teacher. When I came into the kitchen to get some water and say hi, they were all really happy to see me, and took pictures with me and delightedly fed me cake from their forks...
  • Yummy food for lunch (I'm blessed to have a team mate who always seems to turn out amazing food)...
  • Seeing a stunning sunset view from my classroom window. Wish I could have taken a photograph - the palm trees and city roofs were silhoutted in pitch black against a red-pink sky. I could have stood there for ages just looking :)
  • Bible study with some of the ladies on the team after school - we're going through the books "Seven Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy Demoss. I never realised just how many lies I swallowed, and I'm excited to be going through this's provided a lot of food for thought, painful at times, to be sure...but I recommend it!
  • Learning more of the local language. I was a bit discouraged with that - being an English teacher, I'm speaking English all the time and don't get much chance to use what I learn. But today class was fun - I just spoke with my teacher, about all kinds of things, and learned some useful vocabulary that I think I will use.
  • Quicker internet - yay! ^_^

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  1. Got any examples of the aforementioned lies? Could be good for future reference, haha. :)


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