Friday, December 10, 2010

The Wilderness

"Our spiritual journey must lead through the desert or else our healing will be the product of our own will and wisdom. It is in the silence of the desert that we hear our dependence on noise. It is in the poverty of the desert that we see clearly our attachments to the trinkets and baubles we cling to for security and pleasure. The desert shatters the soul's arrogance and leaves body and soul crying out in thirst and hunger. In the desert we trust God or die."

Dan Allender in The Healing Path
I'm beginning my journey through the wilderness, fearing it and yet craving to hear God in the silence that follows the chaos. He has been prompting me for some time - "Be still and know that I am God." I hate being still. I'm facing all kinds of things about myself that I hate to see. But I need this time. I need Him.

Keep Going

Have you ever questioned why you set out on a certain journey? Have you ever been disheartened? What do you do in those moments? For me, t...